Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing sessions are a wonderful experience if you are looking to clear yourself of unwanted stress, revitalize your energy, and fully relax. Kat provides you with a soothing, guided meditation. Following this, she will lovingly give you a relaxing combination of  Energy Therapy and gentle, Healing Touch.

Upcoming 2018 Appointments

Below, you will find upcoming available appointment times, as well as the types of sessions available.

You may book any time-slot you see listed. No payment is required at the time of booking and you will never be asked to share your financial information online. If you are hoping to get in sooner,  you would like to book during a time that is not listed below, or you just want more information please call 705-308-7666 and we will be happy to assist you.

Session Costs:

Half-Hour Healing Session $45**

One Hour Healing Session $80**

90 Minute Healing Session $145**

Two-Hour Healing Session $200**

**Please note: An additional fee of $20 applies to evening, weekend and holiday sessions.

Length of Session*
Upcoming Appointments*
Preferred Time*
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To book an appointment by phone:

Phone: 705-308-7666

Reading Costs

0 Min. Reading $60**

60 Min. Skype Reading $60**

60 Min. Phone Reading $60**

15 Min. Mini-Reading $30**

15 Min. Skype Mini-Reading $30**

15 Min. Phone Mini-Reading $30**

Hours of Operation

For your convenience, Roma Therapy is open 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm, with appointments taking place between 11am and 7pm.